1. "Clear Skies " Vicky Flint Trumpet n SW Piano.

  2. "Mercenary " ( Mark Graham mix. )

  3. Beethoven on the Beach Sw Piano musica.

  4. Burnin... SW vox n keys.

  5. Fantasia no. 3 in G Minor (written n played by SW )
    Sarah Winton and piano.

  6. Les Foggy Blue Nuits

  7. Fast Burn Vox n Keys Accapella * Sarah Winton.
    Sarah Winton

  8. Spiritual Speakings Rightous n Sw.

  9. Piano soul

  10. "Walk On By" Crystal Remake by Pawcut n Sarah Winton.
    Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Pawcut n SW

  11. "Clear Sky " from the piano album "SoulSea " by Swinton no.33

  12. "Summer Brass " Accapella
    SW n Keys

  13. Jon Baylor n Sw " Lullaby of Birdland " (S>O>H mix)
    Sarah Winton , Jon Baylor.

  14. "Grains Of Life. " S.Winton piano n vox.
    Written n Performed by Sarah Winton

  15. "Fly " circa 1991.SW Jazz Piano piece no 4.

  16. " Mama Said to Me " with the worlds smallest backing singers

  17. " Night in Tunisia" SW vox n keys .
    Sw n Dizzy Gillespie song

  18. Airto Party keySw

  19. Headz On. Written n played by S.Winton.Vox & Keys
    SW n Keys

  20. Ain't no sunshine ( B.Withers )....... SW V n K.
    Song by BIll Withers sung/ played by S.Winton

  21. No Matter Where You Are.Sw Piano piece.

  22. QI. MOnsieur Greg n SW.
    MOnsieur Greg N SWinton

  23. Blu Love>>>Sw n Monsieur Greg.
    MOnsieur Greg N SWinton

  24. "We Shall Be as One".S.O.H Mix of eka n sw

  25. Bed Bug Supper .S.Winton Vox n Keys.
    Swinton singin BEssie Smith

  26. Garoa Fina feat. Sarah Winton.
    Garoa Fina feat. Sarah Winton

  27. PEuchereu n SW.. "No More War ".
    Peuchereu n SARAh Winton

  28. Piano "Cloud".
    Sarah Winton and her pianoh.

  29. Tribute to Thelonious MOnk by Swinton.. keys.

  30. Sunshine piano Swinton
    Sarah Winton and her pianoh.

  31. THru With Love.....

  32. Saturday night
    Sarah Winton

  33. Inconsequential. sw V n P.
    Sarah Winton


sarah winton Chicago, Illinois

Can't Keep a Good Woman Down n Carboot Soul singer , pianist,composer lyricist.
3rd album finished
fourth in the making.

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